How do you take your steak?

Everyone likes their steak cooked a little different. Some people prefer rare with more juices and flavor, and some like it well-done with a nice, firm bite. But some of us get into the habit of ordering steaks our favorite way without ever trying anything else, so here’s a rundown of how we prepare steaks at Golden Horseshoe, and why you might want to try something new next time you’re here.

Rare: Knock the Horns and Hide off and drive that dogie by the fire. Ya bet yer spurs it's gonnna be red clean through. Gonna Moo at ya!

Medium rare: It's akin to the above but gits closer to the flame. It'll show up red only in the middle. Yeeehah Pardner!

Medium: Gussied up right proper and gets to ya with a purdy pink middle. Bustin' with flavor and juice.

Medium well: It'll still be juicy. If ya give the middle a gander ya might eyeball just a tad of pink.

Well done: Ol' Cooky starts gettin' touchy here. Ain't got no pink and ya might hear some talkin' 'bout boots and saddle leather. Yer on yer own.

Why not be a little adventurous and try something new? Whether rare, well done or anything in between, we have the skills – and the grills – to make it taste great.